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Harmed by A Drug or Medical Device?

If you have recently suffered a medical problem that your doctor says might be related to a prescription drug you have taken, or that a certain medical device has failed and another surgery is necessary, we would like to help you.

There are several reports and certain government actions that have uncovered problems with the following prescription drugs and medical devices. If you think you may experiencing a medical issue and you have taken one of these drugs or have one of these devices, let us know.

Valsartan - Designed to help patients with high blood pressure, several versions of the pill were tainted with impurities that are possible carcinogens. Let us know if you have been prescribed valsartan, irbesartan, or losartan. The FDA is investigating the cause of potential dangers to consumers.

Tasigna - Used to treat chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), it may be a cause of atherosclerosis in some patients. This danger, unfortunately, was not listed on the medication's label.

Hernia or vaginal meshes, or bladder slings - These devises are used to help support organs and other tissues during and after surgery. But complications occur in the form of chronic pain, infection, tissue adhesion, bowel obstruction, hernia relapse, and other problems that require corrective surgeries.

Talcum powder - Many women using talcum powder, and believing it to be safe, have developed ovarian cancer from certain undisclosed substances within the powder that are known carcinogens.

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