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Janelle Lilley Cline Brings Class Suit Against Via Airlines

In April of this year, Janelle Lilley Cline purchased airline tickets from Via Airlines. The tickets were for a trip she wanted to take from Little Rock to Austin near the end of May.

A couple of weeks before the trip was to begin, Via Airlines abruptly cancelled the trip and told her in an email to apply for a refund. The same email was also sent to several of her friends that were also planning to fly Via to Austin at the same time.

Janelle and her friends all applied for their refunds, but Via never provided any refunds. This didn't just happen to Janelle and her friends, but to many other would be Via Airline travelers from West Virginia to Arizona suffered in the same way, and still have not received refunds.

Recently, Via Airlines was sold to Ashley Air of Atlanta, Georgia, and the two companies have since merged. The class action complaint names both companies as responsible Defendants, and seeks the promised refunds and other compensatory damages due to some travelers needs to re-book flights at higher prices or having been stranded and purchasing unexpected hotel stays.

You may read the complaint by clicking the link below:

Please let us know if this also happened to you. You may email Scott at or Clarke at

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